Gaining credit against your assets of value

What items should you pawn?

When choosing the item that you want to gain credit against (Pawn) you should consider the following. The item should be worth more than the sum you wish to borrow and be something that you can do without until you have sufficient funds to buy it back.

Great items to Pawn include:
High end jewellery
Designer watches
Designer Hand bags
Sports, luxury and classic cars
All Collectables etc

Alternatively you may wish to sell your jewellery or assets, for a quick and simple way to raise cash quickly.
Please contact us to find out more.

When you have decided what item to pawn, contact us and send a few pictures of it. It helps to send pictures taken of a few different angles of the item which makes it easier to value. Please try and keep the file size down, pictures taken on a mobile phone are usually great.
Once we have your contact details and the pictures, we will value the item and get back to you asap to arrange a cash collection or delivery.

For rare or unusual items we may need to contact a specialist to properly assess its value which may incur a slight delay.


No risk with good returns

At Riviera Assets Ltd we are always looking for entrepreneurs / investors who are looking to invest in our pawnbroking business.
All calls will be treated in the strictest of confidentiality.
Victor Lewis (Head of Sales and Marketing)

Telephone:   07841 599556