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Instant cash sums in the United Kingdom

We will loan cash against any assets of value. Contact us to discuss your financial needs in confidence.

How it works

Pawn Broking today offers a modern, friendly and convenient way of getting cash quickly. We will loan CASH against any assets of value, including jewellery, designer watches, cars and other collectables.
As a trusted Pawn Broker we can offer instant cash for your goods.
Alternatively you may want to sell your jewellery or assets for a quick and simple way to raise cash. Please contact us to find out more.

Borrowing from Riviera Assets is clear and straight forward

–              Leave an item of value with us as security and agree your loan amount
–              Sign your loan agreement (two forms of ID required: utility bill, bank statement, bank card, passport, driving license etc.)
–              Receive your cash or have your funds transferred directly to your chosen bank account
–              Repay any time you want within 7 months to redeem your goods

If you have a question please contact Riviera Assets on 07841 599556 and we will be more than happy to help


28 Day Buy Back

How it works
–              Bring your asset or assets to Riviera Assets
–              Agree an INSTANT CASH SUM for your assets
–              Come back and collect your assets at any time within 28 days by paying the amount we originally agreed plus a BUY BACK storage and processing fee (the storage and processing fee is a one off fee payable if you collect your goods).

To take a Buy Back you will need two forms of ID:
One must be a proof of address such as a utility bill , bank statement, council tax bill etc. that is no older than 8 weeks old and the other must be photo ID such as a driver’s license, passport, government ID card etc.

Debt Management
If you require help or advice in regard to financial matters or other information in connection with our services, please consider clicking on the following links:
–              The Money Advice Service
–              The Financial Ombudsman
–              The Citizens Advice Service

If you would like information about our terms and conditions, please click here.


No risk with good returns

At Riviera Assets Ltd we are always looking for entrepreneurs / investors who are looking to invest in our pawnbroking business.
All calls will be treated in the strictest of confidentiality.
Victor Lewis (Head of Sales and Marketing)

Telephone:   07841 599556
Email:   info@rivieraassetsltd.com